Do you find yourself repeatedly making choices that don't reflect how important your health is to you and those you love?

I help clients move past the emotional resistance and practical obstacles that keep so many of us from reaching our goals and living a life that reflects who we truly are - and saying no to a life that is not what we want.

I help people get unstuck.

I have a bachelor’s from Harvard, a master’s in social work from the University of Denver, and am a certified Martha Beck Life Coach.

How will you want to have lived?  Will you want to have chosen a life and schedule that allowed you to enjoy all that you have?  Will you want to have avoided diabetes or a heart attack? Together we can derail the old patterns that keep you from following what is truly most important to you.

Contact Me

If you are interested in speaking with me for half an hour at no charge, please email me or call (303) 819-2099.


I offer in-person sessions in Boulder, CO or via phone/skype/facetime.  The fee is $110 per hour.  A sliding scale is also available.

The view from my office.

From clients…

“I'm so relieved - I have struggled with food and weight for 30 years - and now it's over.  No more dieting for me.  And I've lost over 30 pounds and now find exercise enjoyable."

- S.L., Boulder, CO

“I cannot recommend Judy’s coaching enough. She teaches me how to question the “have to’s” in my life and to find the “choose to’s.” Her tools have helped me calm my previously powerful worries and anxiety. I now feel like I’m not just coping, I’m living.”

- W.L., Portland, OR

“This work has helped me finally become someone who has more fun, sets great boundaries, takes good care of myself, and has healthier relationships.”

- R.G., Denver,CO